Remote Sensing and Hydrology 2010 Symposium

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The International Commission on Remote Sensing (ICRS) of IAHS frequently sponsors workshops and symposia at Scientific Assemblies and at International Union of Geodesy Geophysics (IUGG) General Assemblies. In the year 2000, the ICRS sponsored a Symposium on Remote Sensing and Hydrology, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ten years after that successful Symposium, the ICRS is now organizing another edition. Applications of remote sensing in hydrology have steadily progressed over the last 10 years with the advent of new satellite and airborne sensors, so that another stand-alone symposium is merited.

Special Sessions

Oral presentations and posters will be presented in the following special sessions, in addition to papers on other topics in remote sensing related to hydrology.

  1. Observation techniques for surface energy balance components on kilometer scale
  2. The application of lidar to problems in cold-regions hydrometeorology and water resources
  3. Advances in thermal-infrared remote sensing for hydrological applications
  4. Data assimilation of land remote sensing products into models
  5. Impact of New Microwave Satellite Missions on Land Surface Hydrology
  6. Uncertainty in In-situ Measurements of Surface Fluxes and Its Impact on Evaluating Remote Sensing –based Products and Models
  7. Flood forecasting and management with remote sensing and GIS

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Christopher Neale, Chair
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